Site Promotion – Can You Really Do it For Free?

If you have a site then you know that if you do nothing, NO thing will happen. You have to take active steps to ensure you promote your site. Billions of dollars are spent annually on site promotion. Is there any thing the average Joe can do? Can you really promote a site for free?It depends on what you call free. If “free” means you do NOT have to pay out of your pocket to get the result, then it’s very possible — And is, in fact, highly encouraged if you’re new online. But if “free” means it will cost you nothing, then it’s not possible.To clarify things, let’s use video marketing as an example…If you make a good 3 minute video and upload to YouTube and other video sites, you can easily get thousands of views and hundreds of visits to your site in a matter of hours. But although you did NOT pay a dime to have your video on any of the video sites it cost you a lot to produce and upload the video.You bought a camera, got an editing tool and then spent a lot of hours learning how to use them. The camera cost you something. And unless your time is worth nothing to you, you spent a lot learning to use those tools. Furthermore, you also spent some time uploading your videos — If that’s what you call free then you can really promote your site for free.Here are other ways to start promoting your site without paying anyone…1. Write and submit useful articles to article directories.2. Post useful comments on high PR blogs.3. Participate in niche forums and make sure you add value.4. Use Myspace or other social networking sites.5. Use social bookmarking sites.Do it yourself if yours is a tight budget. You’ll achieve a lot without taking a second mortgage. But once your business begins to make you some money, you’ll do well to know the dollar value on your time and outsource what can be outsourced and automate all that can be automated even if you have to spend a few dollars.But for the time, if you have the time, you don’t need to spend a dime to start promoting your site (Pun intended).Would you like to learn how to drive massive traffic to your sites?

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